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inov-8 first launched the X-Talon back in 2008 and I’ve been racing in this range of shoe ever since. Like all fans of inov-8, I’ve been waiting patiently for the release of the new X-Talon G 235 and I’m delighted to say that they do not disappoint.

For me, the G 235 is a shoe that combines the very best features of the X-Talon 210 and the X-Talon 230. It’s a perfect hybrid version of both successful models.

I love the 210’s because they’re so lightweight and the grip is outstanding. However, this love does come at a price. They only usually last about 200-250 miles and I wear out quite a few pairs over the length of a season. This is where the G 235 impress. Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, they’re built to last and don’t need ‘wearing in’. They also offer a similar protective quality and feel to the X-Talon 230. The upper materials are made from hard wearing ballistic nylon, with a black printed rubber rand wrapped around the front of the shoe. It’s worth mentioning that, like the 230, there is a rock plate built into the mid-sole, for additional protection against sharp rocks. The combination of these materials and protective features make the new X-Talon G 235 the ideal choice for running over extreme and rugged terrain.


For a lightweight racing shoe, the G 235 is extremely comfortable to wear. The precision fit suits the shape of my feet and I like the split shape of the gusseted* tongue (*this means that it’s been stitched to the inside of the shoe and helps prevents mud and debris getting in). Both of these features really help to improve the fit and feel of the shoe.

I also love the fact that I raced in these shoes straight out of the box. I first wore them for the Hodgson Brothers Relay in the Lake District in October. I slipped them on 10 minutes before the race and quickly made the decision to use them. They immediately felt comfortable and the fit and feel gave me enough confidence to race in them before testing at length.


The G 235 is a tough-wearing, high-performing lightweight racing shoe. I’ve worn this shoe to run in the Lakeland Fells, the Yorkshire Dales, the Alps, the Pyrenees and also on the Costa Blanca trails. It is primarily built to tackle soft and muddy ground, but it easily handles all other types of extreme terrain, from wet mountain rock to hard-packed trails. So far I’ve clocked over 200 miles, with minimal signs of wear. This improved durability is undoubtably the most impressive feature of the new X-Talon G 235. The combination of Graphene with STICKY GRIP rubber means that they will now last up to 50% longer than previous X-Talon models and most importantly, with an upper that’s just as strong.  I would predict that I’ll get at least 600-750 miles out of the G235 before I’ll need to consider replacing them.

So if you need an off-road racing shoe that’s lightweight, comfortable, durable, and protective, with unrivalled grip across all types of off-road terrain, then look no further – you’ve just found exactly what you’re looking for.


WEIGHT: 235g (average over size curve)

DROP: 6mm


WIDTH (1-5): 2 Precision fit

RECOMMENDED FOR: Racing on serious off-road terrain



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