Mounsey VS Mudclaw


The new MUDCLAW G 260 is inov-8’s latest running shoe to utilise graphene – the planet’s strongest material.

200 times stronger than steel, graphene has been infused into the rubber outsoles, making the 8mm studs stronger, more elastic and harder wearing.

In June 2018, I was given a prototype pair of the MUDCLAW G 260 and asked to see how many running miles I could put into them. Seven months later, I’ve managed to rack up a mammoth 1,100+ miles and counting (see photo above).

The revolutionary graphene-enhanced rubber compound used in the outsole of my prototype pair is the same used in the final version of the MUDCLAW G 260, which is on sale now at and via selected retailers. The only changes are in the upper of the shoe, where, following more rigorous testing, inov-8 have used our most durable materials to date.

BenMounsey_mudclawG. Photo by Justin Britton

Put to the test!  Racing in my MUDCLAW G 260 prototypes at a Vertical Km Race in Malonno, Italy. Photo: Justin Britton


As a brand ambassador for inov-8, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the testing and development process for the new inov-8 MUDCLAW G 260.

Initially, I tested a number of different prototypes, before receiving a pair in June 2018 that I’ve been wearing for the last seven months.

It is worth pointing out that the shoes I tested were prototypes, so while the rubber outsole compound has not changed, there have been some changes to improve the upper materials for the final production model that is now on sale.

The first thing I noticed about the shoes was how super-comfortable they were. I have what I think are fairly normal shaped feet, perhaps a little skinny, but not too much. From that first feel, I instantly knew these were shoes I could use for both training and racing.

The grip is the most aggressive I’ve ever seen and the best I’ve ever tested. It’s given me more confidence than ever before to attack any type of descent.

With the sticky rubber having been infused with graphene and promises made that these outsoles would go the distance, I was super-keen to test their durability and lifespan. I wanted to see if they could cope with the rigorous demands of fell, mountain and trail running, and, of course, a high volume of mileage, all of which I logged on my Strava account.

Ben Mounsey sträva Mudclaw graphene shoes

Pictured above: Mileage totals from my Strava account, including the 1,123 miles I’ve put into my MUDCLAW G 260 prototypes

In fact, I saw the opportunity of testing these shoes as something of a personal challenge – could I use them enough to the point where they might actually wear out!? And so the battle began, Mounsey vs Mudclaw.

Over the last seven months my trusty pair of prototypes have travelled with me all across Europe. I’ve tested them on all types of terrain – from the hard, rocky ground of the Italian Dolomites to the snowy mountain peaks of the Swiss Alps, the loose, rough rock slopes of Mount Vesuvius and, of course, the soft, muddy fells of the UK’s Lake District.

Most recently, I wore them to complete the Dales Way (UK) – and 81-mile trail (muddy in places) from Ilkley in Yorkshire to Bowness in Cumbria. It was an easy decision to make – there is no other shoe that offers the same grip, comfort, grip and durability.

I know, yes, I’m an inov-8 ambassador and I rave about the brand’s products, but honestly, these are my favourite ever inov-8 running shoes. They are also the first and only pair I haven’t been able to wear out!

7 months, 1123 miles, 8 countries, 15 races, 226 runs, all weather, all terrain, 1 shoe

Spine Race kit - MUDCLAW G 260

The new MUDCLAW G 260 with graphene grip, available to buy now

The MUDCLAW G 260 shoes with revolutionary graphene infused (G-Grip) rubber outsoles, weigh just 260g, feature a 4mm drop (heel-to-toe differential) and a snug inner fit for foot stability. The super durable graphene-enhanced studs (which look more like fangs) claw through mud and soft ground, while also moulding and sticking to rocky, wet terrain.

The shoes are perfect for trail and fell runners, as well as obstacle course racers, orienteers and cross-country runners, all of whom compete in muddy underfoot conditions.

Runner’s World (UK) have just published their ‘first impressions’ review of the shoes. ‘When the apocalypse finally arrives, only cockroaches, Keith Richards and the inov-8 Mudclaw G 260 will survive’ – read it HERE.


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